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Hocus Pocus with Progressive Slot Magic Slots

Magic slots are not named Magic slots for nothing. An original from Playtech this online progressive slot feels and looks different from the other slot games available through online casinos. Take the buttons for instance. There are three buttons on this progressive slot that gives the player the option of betting from one to maximum. These yellow buttons seem to be floating in mid air, completing the look and feel of magic in the Magic slots.

Magic slots don't require the player to say abracadabra or use any hocus pocus to play and to win big. Being a progressive slot, Magic slots are linked to a network of other progressive slots wherein the more players there are, the bigger the pot money becomes. A pot of gold rests in the corner of the game's screen, luring the players to play some more. The jackpot ticker which lets the player see how big the pot money is becoming, is all too enticing, but the player should remember that when they play Magic slots, there is only one goal: to win that jackpot. Don't get distracted with the jackpot ticker and the pot of gold in this progressive slot, just keep on playing to win big.

Before we play the progressive slot of Magic slots, it helps to know a little bit of how the game works. The jackpot can be won if we bet the maximum and get three top hats during the game. The minimum wager on the Magic slots is only twenty five cents but to be entitled to win the progressive slot jackpot, the player would need to bet maximum which is fifteen dollars. There are also bonus rounds where additional prizes can be won and the bonus round in the Magic slot can be triggered by collecting three magic wands. The bonus round starts off with the player in the middle of a stage where drums can be heard in the background. There would be 4 hats in front of the player when playing Magic slots bonus round and all that a player has to do is to select from among the 4 top hats to win a prize.

The attraction of many slots players to the Magic slots progressive slot can easily be seen once this game is played. The game promises a fun and exciting adventure leading to that glowing gold. The graphics are state of the art in this progressive slots game and the sounds that come out of the Magic slots are incredible.

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